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► Certified Fire Instructor, Level II – National Fire Protection Assoc
► Incident Command System Certified – NYS Emergency Mgmt. Office
► Fire Training Safety Certified – NY-1A-1190
► Division Supervisor for FDNY Incident Management Team – IMT
► Battalion Chief assigned to FDNY’s 6th Division in the Bronx
► Firefighter for Special Operations Command, Squad 41
► Nine Career Citations for Meritorious Acts
► Created the “Water Resource Group”: an innovative water-delivery system used by New Orleans Fire Department in the absence of city supplied Fire hydrants during post-Katrina reconstructionSheridan has been in the fire service for 25 years in various capacities including being a Fireman in the Special Operations Command, Squad 41, a Battalion Chief assigned to the FDNY’s 6th Division, and a Division Supervisor for FDNY’s “IMT”, which deals with incidents involving natural disasters and other national emergencies. He is a sought-after speaker and author on Firefighting topics, and has lectured at the annual  Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis, Indiana, the New York Fire Academy, the “Congreso Internacional de Bomberos”, among others. He is a regular contributor to Fire Engineering Magazine, and has a monthly internet column on Fire Engineering Magazine’s website and authored the Forcible Entry chapter in Fire Engineering Magazine’s Handbook for Firefighter I & II.
Rick George is a 20 year veteran of the Palm Beach County Fire Dept. He is a certified Fire Instructor Level I, amd specializes in teaching in several disciplines including Ventilation, Ladders, Firefighter survival, flashover, RIT Ops, Highrise Structure Tactics, Hose Management,  Air Management, and Forcible Entry. He has taught at the Orlando Fire Conference for the last 7 years and The Great Florida Fire School for the  last 4 years. He is currently a driver at Station 33 for the Palm Beach Fire Department.  
Jorge Troyano has been in the  Fire Service for 12 years, having started his career in the Gainesville, Florida Fire Dept, and is currently assigned to one of the busiest trucks in the Miami-Dade Fire Department. Troyano holds numerous certifications including Driver Engineer, Technical Service Rescue Technician, Confined Space Trench Rescue, Heavy Machinery and Extraction, Collapse, Rope  Rescues, Hazardous Materials Technician (Haz-Mat Tech), and is a Level I Fire Instructor.  
Joseph Troncoso is a Lieutenant with Portland Fire & Rescue. He is the director of the international program for firefighters, “Portland Bombero Association”, a group of firefighters which provides training and equipment to Fire Departments in Latin America. His areas of expertise include: Rapid Intervention (RIT), Incident Command System (ICS), Mayday, High Angle Rescue, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT), Radiation, Forest Fires.  
George Alvarez is a 16 year veteran with the present rank of Captain in the Miami-Dade Fire Department. He is a certified FEMA FLTF Rescue  Specialist, Technical Rescue Technician, and Dive Rescue Team Instructor. Alvarez’s other credentials and/or certifications include: Wild Land Fire Training Coordinator, Miami-Dade FD Recruit Training Instructor,  Technical Rescue Technician Instructor,  Structural Collapse Technician Instructor.  


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