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In 2005, Daniel Sheridan founded Mutual Aid Americas, Inc., which was in operation from 2005 until 2011, with the mission of sharing the valuable knowledge and expertise gained during his 25-year service in one of the most highly rated and challenging Fire Departments in the world – the =FDNY – with Fire Departments in Latin America. Under the Mutual Aid Americas banner, Sheridan conducted and took part in numerous in-depth Firefighting trainings and seminars for major firefighting corps throughout South America including Cuenca, Guayaquíl, Biblión and Monteverde, Ecuador, Guadalajara, Mexico and Valdivia, Chile.

Mutual Aid Training Group LLC was founded in October 2011, and follows in the footsteps of Mutual Aid Americas. With Mutual Aid Training Group LLC, Sheridan has conducted and/or taken part in the following comprehensive trainings:

Congreso Internacional de Bomberos (International Congress of Firemen) in Bogotá, Colombia – intensive training on high rise firefighting techniques

Cuerpo de Bomberos (FD) in Valdivia, Chile – department-wide training on Forcible entry and Standpipe Operations

Cuerpo de Bomberos (FD) in Lima, Peru – week long, in depth joint training – SCBA, Engine Ops, Live Fire Training


• Annual Leadership Training Seminar, Palm Beach Florida – Sept 10-14

• Pavon Argentina -Week – long in-depth training for the Pavon Argentina Fire Department – TBD

• Bolivia – Week long intensive training – TBD


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